I am a Creative

I am a Creative.

What inspires you? What are you passionate about? What do you live for?

I’ve always been creative. When I was a kid, I loved to draw, colour and paint. I always had a feeling that I’d be doing something with this creative flare for the rest of my life.

In high school, this grew into a love for graphic design, and despite being told I didn’t have the right subjects for that career path, I decided I was going to be a designer. I don’t even think I knew what the job would actually entail, but it involved creating things and sounded pretty cool, so I was in!

Determined to stick with my guns, I graduated high school and went straight into studying graphic design in advertising. I thoroughly enjoyed this year of study and creative thinking, and after a couple of ‘right time, right place’ situations I landed a job working as a designer, in a high end photography studio. Here, my passion for photography grew and developed until I felt ready enough to go out on my own.

Fast forward about 7 years or so and I’m still capturing moments with my camera, but also incorporating my love of design and a passion for expressive painting, into my life.


It wasn't until just recently, when I was sitting and enjoying a long-awaited catch up cuppa with a close friend, that I actually thought about the why. 

Why do I create.

Initially, my thought was ‘because I enjoy it… duh!’ But after taking the time to process the question and think about exactly what I do, I found that there is much more to it than that.

I take photographs to show people my perspective on the world. To share the beauty I see in them and their families, their unique features, their personality. To capture moments.

I paint to express my emotions. To show that you can use so much more than just words, to describe how you feel. There is colour, there is light, movement, texture, lines, shapes, and space. I paint to express the feelings I can’t contain within a word, a sentence or even a paragraph.

I write to articulate my thoughts, and share my ideas. I write to express what I can’t show. To strengthen my own opinion and rid my mind of doubts.

I create to show myself.

To know me, is to know my work. 

I’m not fabulous at expressing myself verbally, but put a brush in my had or a camera over my shoulder and I’ll share a little piece of my world with you.


I am a Creative. This is what I do.