Setting My Intention

This is my awesome, kick-ass friend Chrissy.

(pointing out new nose ring, not picking her nose FYI)

(pointing out new nose ring, not picking her nose FYI)

As well as being one of my most long term friends, she's also an amazing artist and has always inspired me to be creative in ways I would never have thought.

This year she's taken the hugely exciting step of holding art classes (kiddies and adults) from an awesome little studio she's set up at home! Yesterday was the first of the adult classes and so I tagged along to spend the morning creating in this gorgeous space.

To be honest, I hadn't really thought much about what to expect the from the class. I feel like the entire month of January I've just been working working working, trying to set myself up for 2018, so heading to the class I was feeling a little frazzled and 'busy-minded'. But, as always, with Chrissy's guidance I had a super relaxing and creative morning, shared with a small group of lovely women.

Focussing on what I would like to make of this year, the word passion kept coming to mind, along with the colour purple and few other words/shapes.


2018 for me is about getting back into doing what I love, and making a living doing so. I want to share my work, my knowledge and the way I see the world.


After three hours, three cups of tea, a slice of brownie and a fair few laughs, I'd managed to finish my piece quite easily. Following the intuitive process, I hadn't overthought what I was doing, I hadn't planned how it was supposed to look, I just let everything flow, and ended up with this.


Blow you own damn mind.

And so, that is what I will do.

Interested in seeing what you can create through creating intuitively? You should check out Chrissy's page! And if you're thinking "I can even draw a stick figure, why would I do that?" I challenge you to go along to one of her classes and see what you can create - we all have to start somewhere. (Let me know how you go too!)

A slightly nicer pic of Chrissy (and Me) - post workshop

A slightly nicer pic of Chrissy (and Me) - post workshop

Chrissy Foreman C -