Perfect Day for a Picnic

If you've read any of my previous blogs, you'd know that up until a week ago, I was either living in London or travelling through Europe. I made the decision to move back to Australia about five months ago for a few reasons, one of which being my work.

My photography, my painting, my design work. 

So moving back, I wanted to jump straight back into photography families, babies and portraits, but you can't really just jump back in, can you? It takes time to connect and reconnect with people, get the word out etc.

So I was stressing out. How was I going to make it so I could hit the ground running?

Well, I still don't know haha. BUT, I feel like I'm off to a good start.

To leave Europe I flew out of Milan at 10pm, had a quick stop in Abu Dhabi, then had a lightning stop in Melbourne before coming up to Brissy. 

As always, I switched my phone on while waiting to get off the plane in Melbourne and got a very unexpected message from Zara "Sam, are you back in Aus?"

And by the time I left the airport in Brisbane, I had my first session booked in to take some family photos for Zara's Mum's birthday this Sunday just gone!

Zara organised a gorgeous little picnic set up in Orleigh Park, by the river, on one of our beautiful sunny Winter days.


One thing I loved about photographing these guys is just how happy and expressive they all are! You can't take life too seriously.

Being such a gorgeous afternoon, I also thought I'd stop by Kangaroo Point Cliffs and check out the city view for the first time in a long time!

So there we are, my first photoshoot back in Australia, and what a perfect afternoon!

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