Rome, Italy

Next on the Italy leg of my trip was Rome!

In all honesty Rome was never really that high on my list, but I've always been told 'you have to go to Rome' or 'you can't not go to Rome!'. Which I do understand, there is a lot to see in Rome and it has so much history...

So I booked three nights in a modest little B&B about five minutes walk from the Colosseum...

Having the sunset so late in the day, I still had a couple hours of light to wander the streets after I'd check in, so I thought I'd wander on up to the Altar of the Fatherland.

First up the next morning was the Pantheon, followed by the St Maria Sopra Minerva Basilica (Which I actually got kicked out of for wearing shorts. Must have missed that memo)

I actually got quite overwhelmed by Rome.

It's so busy, so big, and so noisy! Usually when I visit a new city, I like to wander the central area for a little while, and then wander out, away from hustle & bustle. But Rome, I couldn't do that! Not by just walking anyway, it's huge, and there are so many people/tourists!

It also didn't help that it was 32-36 degrees that week, so hot. So I'd spend a couple hours in the morning out and about, then spend the middle of the day relaxing  in the cool of my apartment, before heading out again in the evening to find some delicious Italian food.

One thing I really had to do in Rome was go to the Colosseum!

So I joined all the other early birds at 8.15am and queued for forty minutes to pick up my ticket, then another forty minutes to get in. I can't even imagine how busy it must get throughout the day because even first thing it the morning it was packed!

So that's my experience in Rome!

Let me know what you think. Have you been to Rome? What did you think?