Berlin to Graz Road Trip!

Most of the time when I'm travelling abroad, I'll always go the cheapest transport option, which generally means bus. What's an extra 4 hours transit if it saves me $100?! Right? Haha. 

So when I had a friend who was already driving from Berlin to Graz, I jumped at the chance to join! I hadn't really planned this part of my trip yet, but I knew I had about ten days before I needed to be in Milan to catch my flight home. So, why not detour to Graz and experience some gorgeous German and Austrian countryside?

So let the road trip begin.

Even though I wasn't actually driving, this was the first time I'd ever been on the roads of Germany, and the first time cruising down the Autobahn, so I was pretty excited! Haha. The idea of cruising down the highway at 180km/hr seemed absolutely crazy (considering the fastest I've been on Aussie roads is about 110km/hr).

Day one we stopped over in Munich, just near the Olympic Stadium. So before heading off for the second leg of our trip, we took a walk around the stadium and enjoyed some brekky in the park.

Then on the road again for day two. More fast cars and gorgeous scenery!

Now, you may be wondering why go to Graz? For the Formula 1 of course!

I'd never been to watch the F1 before, so why not go to watch it at he most scenic track?? Just look at that view!


Pretty awesome. 

And now I've gone from occasionally watching the race on TV, to wanting to go to more live races! Haha. Maybe Melbourne 2018 will be next?

I love that I went from having no real plans for this weekend, to experiencing all this over the space of three days, just like that.