Teufelsberg, Germany

Have you heard of Teufelsberg? No? Neither had I until about a week ago.

Teufelsberg is a former US listening station on a hill made of rubble, that has an amazing view of Berlin, and is quite the spectacle itself! Also, the name Teufelsberg means Devil's Mountain in German, so that's pretty cool.

The entire place is covered in gorgeous street art and after walking through two floors covered in art, you can venture up a few unlit flights of stairs into the very top tower. Up here was incredible, sound travelled like nothing I had ever heard before. You could whisper, clear your throat or kick a piece of glass, and it could be heard throughout the entire room.

Unfortunately for me (and everyone else) I was suffering from a pretty heavy head cold, so kept coughing, which also echoed around to everyone...

I was lucky enough to be hanging out with the guys from Arundel, so when we first got up there and it was basically just the four of us, I was privy to some pretty cool sounds being thrown around.

Then, one of those moments that I love comes along. Initially it was just us for a good five minutes or so, but more and more people came up, and then out of nowhere, this gorgeous voice starts swimming around the room.

Everyone stops, and we all just sit around this room together, listening to this one beautiful voice and a little guitar.

Amazing. I could honestly spend hours here.

This place is very cool, there is even a bar and food stand as you enter, so you can grab a quick drink and head on up to the top of the building to chill out and enjoy the views.

Here's a few of my favourite shots of the guys, relaxing after a short hike and a fair few flights of stairs!

An awesome way to spend a few hours of your day.

Check out the sounds of Arundel here, or check them out on Spotify!