Split, Croatia

As soon as I arrived in Split, I felt closer to home, it was hot, humid but had a nice breeze... haha.

I was greeted at my hostel by a very enthusiastic host who had a very quick witted sense of humour, far too fast for me after a nine hour bus trip! But he was lovely, and super helpful. 

Probably the smallest hostel I've stayed in to-date, it only had three rooms, a small but functional kitchen and a common room with a three seater couch, TV and small computer desk.

I pretty much checked in, showered and crashed out, woken later that evening by a late check in who was staying in the bunk above me. Staying in hostels, you obviously get used to this sort of thing so you don't get annoyed or anything. I was actually really happy, because as it turns out, the girl checking in, was right into videography/photography and so we had a quick chat and planned to go for a hike the next day to take some photos!

It was actually really awesome to have someone to wander around and take photos with, and to get some shots of me for once! 


We also went to one of the pub crawls that night. You know when you're walking down the main promenade and you get approached by someone waving a flyer in your face, asking what you're up to later that night?? Yeah, one of those... Never again. Haha. As a 27 year old, I have never felt so old, and I can't say I felt it was value for money. But, on the up-side I did a hell of a lot of dancing! So it wasn't a wasted night by any means.

I also got involved in a bit of a fight at the end of the night, but I might save that story for another post.

The following day, I had a friend from AUS come meet me, so from then on, it was time to slow down, chill out and enjoy a little 'holiday time' for once!

The plan was: go to beach, swim, sun bake, drink, swim, sun bake, drink, relax.

Or something like that.

Unfortunately, we'd only made it halfway through this sequence when a massive storm started rolling in (as predicted). Heading back to the apartment, trying to beat the storm, the sun was burning hot and the air was humid as anything! So, perhaps a little quick pit stop and a cocktail is in order? Haha...

Sitting there, sipping my pinacolada, I see ash blow across our table and look about to see where it came from. Looking out around the bay, there are bits of ash flitting about everywhere!? We leave the bar, noticing some lightening starting up in the clouds ahead, then turn around to see smoke wafting across the sky from the opposite direction of the storm.

What an amazing sight.

Not the best images *taken on phone* but you get the picture!

Not the best images *taken on phone* but you get the picture!

Then the rain stopped, so it was time to head back out to our balcony bar for one last night of Croatian cocktails and seaside views.

From Split, on to Berlin.

Feeling relaxed, but run down. Starting to feel the effects of nights out drinking, odd eating patterns and not sleeping enough.