Lake Bled, Slovenia

After leaving London, I had my sights set on Ljubljana in Slovenia. This might seem like a bit of a random place to start, but I kept having people tell me about this gorgeous Lake Bled, so I had to check it out!

 I only allowed myself one full day (two nights) in Slovenia and had planned to do a day trip to Lake Bled, which left me little time to explore Ljubljana unfortunately - so no real photos there sorry! But I still really enjoyed the little time I did get to roam around.

As soon as I checked in to my Hostel, I met another Aussie girl and we immediately hit it off. We went out for an early dinner at a local restaurant, ordered a bottle of wine and enjoyed some nearby street music. After dinner, we wandered for a while and found this hidden little gem at the end of this block, it was this gorgeous little live jazz club, in a garden, with a big old wooden stage, little circular tables plotted about and a hut at the back to get your drinks.

Walking up to the bar, still looking around at the venue, this tall, broad, Slovenian man, with a long blonde ponytail (but shave down the sides) and a beard, steps to the bar, firmly sets his hands down and announces: 

'I am yours!' 

'...uhhhh... I'm just looking for a drink' I stammer back.

'What would you like to drink?' 

'I actually don't know. But if I was to say I like rum, what would you recommend?'

'Ah, rum. I know just the thing!'

And so he proceeds to make me a perfectly balanced cocktail from Slovenian rum, along with orange juice and something else (no idea). While my friend had the rum straight. Brave girl. Haha.

This is one of those random moments that I love.

I woke up to the threat of storms and rain the following day, but still, I hopped on the bus to Bled to check out this lake. Quite literally, as soon as I got there, it started to pour rain! For an entire hour... I bunkered down at this little vegan restaurant I stumbled upon, (apparently the only one in Bled) and enjoyed a quite coffee and some food.

Then the rain stopped. So I wandered...

I would actually like to go back to Slovenia for a little longer, the nighttime has a really good vibe, the people are lovely, food is good, drinks were cheap, scenery is beautiful.

What more could you ask for?