These little moments...

Having grown up in Brisbane, Australia, I’m used to long highways, bushland, beaches and hinterland areas, but now that I’ve been travelling a lot more recently its made me realise just how amazingly beautiful the world can be. Don't get my wrong, Australia is absolutely beautiful, but I think growing up in the one place makes you take it for granted. It's not until you get out and see how diverse the world really is, that you see its true beauty.

Flying into Iceland, we experienced awful weather so I didn’t see much flying in, and then, because of the weather, the pilot had to abandon the initial landing attempt and fly us to Egilsstadir Airport on the east side of Iceland. Initially, I was too busy stressing out about the abandoned landing attempt that I couldn’t think about anything else.

But then, as we flew east, the cloud started to clear, revealing these gorgeous snow-topped mountains, glistening rivers and lush green countryside. Absolutely stunning. I was like one of those kids you see with their noses pressed onto the candy store window! I’ve not see anything like it and I couldn’t take my eyes of this natural, untouched beauty.

So even though by the time we re-fueled and flew back to Reykjavik, I was 5 hours late checking into my hostel (5am), I was still buzzing. It’s these moments, that leave me in absolute awe that I’m chasing.