Cheddar Gorge

Before I even came to the UK I'd be told that I need to go to Cheddar Gorge, a friend of mine had been in 2015 and sent me this AMAZING photo. As soon as I saw the image, I thought to myself, I need to take a photo like that.

So this past Saturday, that's what I did.

To get this, I had to venture off the path, over the fence and down towards the edge of the cliff (no right to the edge I promise, just far enough). Anyone who knows me, knows that I am far from afraid of heights. I love climbing, rollercoasters, skydiving, bridges, tall buildings, etc. But this, seriously scared me! Haha. I don't think my heart has beat so fast!

Why put myself in that sort of situation you might ask? Because I'm all about pushing boundaries, getting out of my own comfort zone and seeing what I can achieve. 

The rest of the actual hike itself was amazing, I was on such a high after getting the shot I'd first thought about almost two years ago!

I managed to get lost at least twice, I've never been the best with directions, but that only added to the experience. There is a small walking track about a 1km detour off the National Trust walk, that is absolutely COVERED in these little Blue Bell flowers. It was stunning.

Following this beautiful little spot, I wandered off in completely the wrong direction again, until I ran into a lovely couple who pointed out the fact that I was going to end up nowhere near where I wanted to be!

Eventually, I found my way back to the track leading back to Cheddar (confirmed by a lovely family fancying some hiking sticks out of old tree branches). Coming to the end of the hike, I wasn't expecting a view that could compete with the one from earlier, but again - absolutely breathtaking.

The feeling standing at the top of these cliffs was incredible. I would do this every day if I could.

For anyone heading out towards Bath and Bristol, I'd highly recommend taking the day to venture out to Cheddar Gorge. The hike itself is beautiful, and there are plenty of cute little shops to get coffee, ice-cream or something more substantial afterwards.

Next up, I'll be sharing some of my favourite shots from Bath!