Christmas back in AUS

Christmas for me, traditionally, means lunch with my family, on the family farm.

After spending last Christmas in the UK, this year was back to how it has always been. I made my way up the coast from Brisbane through a delightful 2.5 hours Christmas traffic to the family farm in Cooroy. 

There is no where quite like the family farm. I grew up spending every school holiday here, bush walking with my Grandad, enjoying my Gran's amazing sponge cake or pumpkin scones, playing Nintendo64 with my brother and cousin, not wearing shoes for two weeks straight and getting up to mischief whenever possible.

Things are a little different now, its been a few years since my Grandad passed, we've all grown up and no longer spend hours playing video games, plus we're smart enough to wear shoes on the dirt roads (most of the time). But the farm, is still the farm. It's got loads of memories attached to it, and will always be a place I come back to.

So here's a little piece of it...

So I went for a walk Christmas afternoon and ended up with what looks like a photoshoot for a horse... anyone interested in pet photography? Haha.

On the way back to Brissy, my boyfriend and I detoured via the gorgeous Kondalilla Falls, it was far too cold for a swim, but still a nice walk with awesome views!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I'm super keen to see what 2018 will bring.