Calm Your Mind

It's 10pm. I know I should be asleep by now - if I want to get a solid 8 hours sleep... I can see precious sleep minutes falling away. BUT I still haven't packed gym gear for tomorrow, I need to brush my teeth, I've got half a mountain of washing that needs to be put away, I still want to think about what training I'm doing tomorrow, make a food plan, not to mention what's happening with work! Besides, plenty of people function on 5 or 6 hours right? I've got plenty of time, I'll be fine...

It's this thought process that makes me tired, exhausted, run down, and ultimately sick. 

A few years ago, this was a major factor in me getting quite sick, sick enough to need 6 months of slow recovery. Then a further 6 months rebuilding muscle and fitness I had lost. 

Since then, I've learnt to treat myself better. That washing can wait till tomorrow, pack for gym when you wake up, but you do still need to brush your teeth - and floss! There will be plenty of time for thinking on the journey to work, there is nothing urgent that requires your absolute attention right now. Just relax. Cool you jets. Calm your mind.

How do you calm your mind?

Like many people I'm sure, I'm someone who often just can't switch off. Which is fine as long as long as I can acknowledge it, I love the way my mind works - It just means I've had to equip myself with various techniques for calming my mind, for me, not one method will work every time.

If my brain is ticking over a million times per second and I can't focus on any one thought long enough to resolve it, then I need to meditate to slow down. Forcing myself to focus entirely on one single thing for even just ten minutes, helps immensely.

If my issue is more that I just have too much to do, I need to write it down. Simple as that. Write a big damn list of every little thought or idea going through my mind, no task is too small or insignificant to mention. Just get it out!

It's important to learn how to read your own body, read your mind, and understand what it needs. Everyone is so completely different, I can't tell you what to do, all I can offer is what works for me.

Learn to calm you mind, destress and sleep well.