Getting back in the game!

Moving to London was obviously a huge change for me, and coming over here I had no intention of really pushing my photography work like I did back home. I tied up loose ends with all my AUS clients and even rejected a couple of jobs so I didn't have the extra work to finish up before travelling. All I was going to do, was work, travel, train and adventure!

But, it's not enough. Haha.

I LOVE photography, not just wandering around taking photos of buildings, landscapes and pretty things (don't get me wrong, I do enjoy that!), but what I love is photographing people - meeting new people, their families, hearing their story, capturing their moments.

So, as always, I have changed my mind, and my plans. You'll be seeing a lot more of my portrait photography from now on, as well as everything else London and travel related.

And, it all starts with this man, my trainer, Andrew Julien.

Probably the most energetic, positive, supportive person I've met here in London, and one of the very few people that can get me out of a bad headspace when I'm training. I've achieved more in the past 2 months training then I thought possible.

To get in contact about photography, shoot me an email to