Lately I've picked up a few little random quotes that either represent something to me personally, or just remind me to get my head back on track. I'm sure we've all heard this one, but:


'Timing is EVERYTHING'

This is probably the most reoccurring and relevant quote in my life right now.

I've always been a huge believer that when you really need something in life, the universe will provide. And no, I don't mean, if you really need a donut, one will appear on your table. If you really need a donut, stop being so damn lazy and walk to the shop.

What I mean is, if you're on a path in life, where you're absolutely at your whit's end and it seems like nothing within your control can change it, something will happen. A change will happen, it might just be that something will trigger a change in your mindset, or you might meet someone that challenges everything you know. Could be anything, but something will happen to change that path.

I'm not saying that there will always be a positive for every negative, generally things get a hell of a lot harder before it gets easier. But it will get easier, at some point. Everything before that point is there to test you. At least that's my experience anyway.

It's not always with huge issues either, we all have little challenges in our everyday lives, and sometimes those little challenges can get the better of us. Sometimes we just need a little reminder, or trigger, to get us out of the situation.

This week, I'd been struggling a bit mentally/emotionally. I was just stuck in what I like to call a 'head-rut' and I was doing my best to shake it, but the usual techniques weren't really helping. So it gets to Friday night, and I'd planned on going out after work and exploring some markets, I figure, get out of the house, meet some randoms - this will help things. But I get to he markets... and its super underwhelming... not much open, not many people, some nice acoustic music, but no real 'vibe' about the place. I have a quick walk around then just head home. Get home, feeling not-so-fab, I heat up my pre-prepped dinner and plonk on the couch with a housemate who's just put on a fairly standard chick flick... not really something I would normally pick for my Friday night. Anyway, its gets right to the very end of the movie (I haven't moved because my legs are too wrecked from gym that day) and there was just one simple quote, that seemed so applicable to my situation - and that was it! That's all I needed to change my perspective on what I'd been focusing on all week.

I'd been stuck in this rut for an entire week and all it took was a simple quote from a silly chick flick! What the? I'd been battling myself for a week. Maybe next time I just need to watch more chick flicks? ... or maybe not.

But it's little things like that, that remind me it's always going to work out how it should, in the end.

You can't force things to be right if the timing is wrong. I've found this to be even more relevant with people - relationships or friendships. But that's a whole other story.

Timing is everything.